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Sewing Class

Are you looking to learn a new hobby like Clothing, Quilting, Home Décor, Fashion , Interior Design, Knitting and Crochet.

We offer sewing classes for all levels: Ages 7-100

Who is Sewing Today and Why?

  • Kids and teens to gain self confidence while learning  a new hobby and being creative.
  • 20-50+ women who want to look hip, sew for family and want to copy clothes they love.
  • Designers that want to create their own lines.
  • Or gain more skills to go into college or the industries of Fashion and Interiors.
  • 40+ returning to sewing after kids leave home and now have time for their love of creating and enjoy a new hobby.
  • Quilters beginning and intermediate all ages. We have 100% Die Cut quilt kits!
  • Men and boys who know it is not just for girls!
  • Those who want to save money for their home by making or altering things they already have for home decor

Sew Fresh Studio   
361 Second Ave. #104 
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